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Caffeine City, Part 2: The search for my favorite cup of jo

23 Jan

Okay, let’s try this again.  If you have read Part 1 of this series (you can read it here), then you know that my first stop on the best coffee shop in Austin tour did not go so well.  But that, my friends, is about to change.  Today I am going to familiarize you with what I think is most likely the place to get the best caffeinated cup of heaven you have ever had.  I’m talking about Houndstooth Coffee.

Houndstooth Coffee is located on North Lamar, near Central Market.  What makes this place a little different from most coffee shops is how enthusiastic they are about coffee.  They are very particular about the coffee they serve – from the beans, to the roasters, to the process that goes into making that steaming cup of jo.  The baristas take their job seriously and consider a cup of coffee like a work of art (which it is).  Every cup of coffee is made to order by either the french press method (my favorite) or the siphon method – no drip brewing in large batches here.  They take pride in their espresso drinks – and this shows through their always fantastic latte art.

Every day they offer a choice of a few different beans, describing their origin and flavor characteristics.  The baristas are very knowledgeable about coffee and are so helpful if you need guidance on which bean to choose.  It’s amazing to me how different each of the beans taste!  If coffee is not your cup of tea, they also serve – tea.  A rather large selection of hot teas are offered from the Steeping Room.  If you’re in the mood to unwind after a long day, they also serve wine, bottled beer and a few quality beers on tap.  They also have a selection of fresh pastries to munch on.

What I really love about Houndstooth is the clean, minimalistic look of the place.  The uncluttered space with mid-century modern furniture and an all-glass front is light and airy, a very pleasant space to spend the morning, or any time really.  Since it is nestled between two great restaurants, Taco Deli and Uchiko,  you could actually make an entire day of it: morning coffee and a pastry at Houndstooth for breakfast, Taco Deli for lunch, back to Houndstooth for your afternoon tea, then sushi at Uchiko for dinner.  Sounds good to me!

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