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Where’s the turkey?

21 Nov
Turkey on the Road

"I don't know about you but I'm going out to eat."

I can’t believe Turkey Day is almost here.  Where has 2011 gone?  Thanksgiving for many people means slaving away in the kitchen for two days, preparing special meals that have been handed down for generations.  This is all well and good and nothing beats a home cooked meal prepared with love.  But what have you learned about me so far?  I don’t cook.  And Thanksgiving is no exception.

Though I must confess that I will be enjoying a delicious home cooked meal this year, Cajun style, at my Grandma’s house in Louisiana.  If you have ever experienced Louisiana cuisine then you know what a treat it can be.  We will have the traditional turkey, lima beans, baked sweet potatoes and stuffing with rolls, but also on the agenda is my family’s  traditional foods-venison, seafood gumbo, red beans and rice and oyster dressing.  Even if I could cook, there is no way my attempt at this meal would ever taste as awesome as Grandma’s!  My mom is a close second, but even she swears Grandma is holding back on some secret ingredient.

For those of you who don’t have a grandma to cook for you or just don’t feel like cooking at all, you are in luck.  There are many restaurants in Austin that will be serving up that turkey this Thanksgiving Day.  I have compiled a list for you of places all over town that are sure to make your hassle free Thanksgiving Day special.

Happy Turkey Day everyone!

Downtown/ Central Austin:

South Austin:

North Austin:


Who doesn’t love happy hour?

15 Nov

Welcome to Get Happy Austin-a blog dedicated to good eats on the cheap.  Eating out has always been a passion of mine; mostly due to the fact that I really don’t like to cook.  The whole process takes up way too much of my day.   It begins at the grocery store, which in my case entails wandering around with the cart in circles not having a clue what the hell to buy, mainly because I have no idea what I am trying to cook.  The actual cooking is another ordeal, which usually ends with my kitchen looking like a bomb exploded.  Not to mention that the actual meal is not something I would brag about…or want to feed to anyone.  Then there is the clean-up phase which, let’s face it, is not what I want to be spending my precious free time doing on a beautiful evening in this awesome city of ours.

What is the solution to my dilemma?  Going out to eat of course!  Let someone else worry about the groceries, the recipes, the cleaning up.  All I really care about is the eating part.  This town has so many great restaurants with new ones opening up all the time.  But you do have to be careful-eating out can really get pricey.  Believe me, I know.

So I’ve decided to spend my hard-earned dollars more wisely without giving up my passion for great food by taking advantage of happy hour specials at many of the great restaurants around town.  And I will be sharing all these great finds so that you too can eat and drink on the cheap!

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