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Farewell Austin – For Now But Not Forever

29 Jun

Writing this blog has been quite a fun experience!  Just when I was starting to really get into the swing of it, I got handed a surprise by my husband.  “Honey, we’re moving to Budapest.”  As in Hungary.  In 6 weeks. What??  So if you’ve been wondering why this blog has gone silent for a while, it is because I have had to focus all my energy in getting our household ready to move across the ocean to a place I have never been before.  We may not have human children, but getting two dogs and a cat is just as chaotic.  In fact, I would argue more so.

But the good news is that we have finally arrived.  And that means a new blog!  So please follow my adventures in food, culture and whatever else I come across at

My guess is, people get happy over here too!

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