The freshest chicken found at Fresa’s Chicken al Carbon

18 Apr

how funky is your chicken?

As a carnivore, I can’t think of many things better than grilled chicken.  I’m talking about marinated, moist, fall-off-the-bone chicken.  Chickens that were raised cage-free, in a healthy, clean and happy environment.  And chickens that didn’t have to travel far to get to your plate.  That is what you will find at Fresa’s Chicken al Carbon, a brand new eatery on Lamar  and 9th st that just opened this week .

The first thing I loved about Fresa’s are the bright, crazy colors that adorn the building.  They really get your attention as you drive by – as well as the colorful dancing chicken out front.  Fresa’s is set up as a pick up and go kind of place, there are only a few very small tables in the back.  My husband and I did eat on the premises, but you are much better off just going through the drive-thru and taking your feast home.  Which is perfectly fine – the food here may be fast, but certainly is not “fast food”.

The menu is pretty simple.  Chicken.  Chicken on the bone, chicken on a salad, chicken in a sandwich.  They also offer some yummy sides – rice, beans, mexican street corn, potato salad, grilled veggies and fruit.  They also have beer (by the 6 pack, perfect for on the go!), a few wines and aguas frescas – I had the watermelon and it was great.  They also make ice cream in-house by the pint – yummy!

ice cream...oh yeah.

I ordered the charcoal grilled chicken #2 – marinated in oregano and cracked pepper.  It was so tasty – the skin was slightly crisp and the meat was so juicy and tender.  That’s what you get with happy chickens raised in a humane way.  The birds come from Peeler Farms, which is located in Floresville, Texas, less than two hours away.  Their chickens never see the inside of a cage – they are born there, they run around like a chicken with its head cut off (sorry, couldn’t resist!) grazing on the grass, eating bugs and they are never given any medications.  Just doing what chickens do…

Fresa’s is a great place to pick up a good, home-cooked meal on the go.  I also love knowing that the food I’m eating is from a local farm that has such high standards for the treatment of their animals.  And that high standard is something you can taste.

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